Anglesey In Parliament Day

by Peter

Local MP Albert Owen will host a special Anglesey Day in Parliament on Thursday to promote the island’s social, cultural and economic strengths.

Leading figures from the island business community will attend the special event in the Atlee Suite at Portcullis House, Westminster, where guests will include Members of both Houses of Parliament.

The role of Anglesey as an energy island will be highlighted with a very strong likelihood that a new nuclear power station will now be built at Wylfa, near Cemaes, to replace the aging Magnox reactor which is due to shut down in 2010.

There is also a number of existing sources of renewable energy in the form of three wind farms, as well as potential to add a significant source of tidal energy in the form of a possible tidal farm off Skerries on the North West coast.

As well as leaders from Wylfa nuclear power station and representatives from the local authority, other key employers on the island will be present including the MOD from RAF Valley and Stenaline, the ferry company, which operates a busy service between Holyhead and Dublin.

Train companies such as Arriva and Virgin Trains which operate services from Holyhead to Cardiff and London Euston respectively are also expected to attend.

As the island is famed for its outstanding natural beauty with its magnificent 125-mile long coastal path, the local tourism association will also be promoting the many attractions available to visitors either staying on Anglesey or travelling en route to Ireland.

Food is an integral part of the small business sector and the local authority will be helping to ensure that samples of top quality local produce, such as smoked meats and fish, cheeses, bread and wines from a local vineyard will be available for guests to try out.

A young people’s dancing group coached by Marry Parry from Holyhead will be at the event to entertain the guests.

There will also be a demonstration of weightlifting by Holyhead based former Commonwealth Games medal winner, Ray Williams and his team.

Albert Owen said: "The event promises to put Anglesey on the national map at a time when energy security is a top priority as is the need to stimulate the economy in the current global downturn.

We hope that this event will further raise the profile of Anglesey as a place well worth visiting for its diverse natural beauty.

And potential inward investors can see that new air link boosts the transport and communications infrastructure, making the island attractive as an excellent place for setting up new business."

For more information on the special day at Westminster, you can contact Albert Owen’s constituency office on (01407) 765750.

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