A Passion for Ponds!

by Sheila Malpass

Ponds for Wildlife! Ever thought of having a garden pond? This is the interesting question posed by a keen gardener from Benllech on Anglesey.

Thanks partly to a number of TV garden makeover series in recent years, gardens have never been as popular.

A beautiful garden is often seen as a selling point and adds value to property, so can be a real investment.

Gardens are places to relax, work, play, grow food in and, for many of us, offer the best chance to see and enjoy our local birds and wildlife.

And one of the best ways to increase the diversity of wild visitors is to install a pond.

Depending on preference, your pond could be tiny, large or medium, ornamental, have a fountain, a ‘waterfall’ or ‘beach’.

You don’t even need soil or grass, your pond could be raised off the ground and therefore be built on any surface like a yard or patio.

Edged in stone or turf, or a mix of both, native wild flowers for the natural look, it could have an island, a bog garden, a bridge, the choices go on.

You would then provide a haven for newts, toads and frogs, beautiful insects such as dragon and damsel flies and mammals such as bats, hedgehogs, badgers and foxes would come to drink.

Lovely pond and bog plants such as the delicate marsh cinquefoil and spearwort, the bright sunny marsh marigold, stately flag iris and purple lobelia could be planted.

Just watch the birds flock to drink and bathe and, depending where your bench is, right before your very eyes!

Attractive and unusual oxygenator plants such as the water soldier and hornwort would keep the pond clear, because a well stocked pond needs very little maintenance.

Once you have decided where you would like your pond situated, ideally on view from the house, winter or early spring is a good time to create it.

This is because there would be less risk of disturbance to the rest of the garden and it will give the plants in and around it a good start in late spring and early summer.

Over the last ten years Andy Harding and his partner, Sheila Malpass, have been creating all types of ponds for their delighted customers to enjoy.

If you would like more information on ponds or any aspect of making your garden more wildlife friendly, ring Andy on 01248 853881 for a chat, he will be happy to help you.

Yes, a pond is a fascinating low-maintenance asset to any garden, large or small, giving a focal point and interest all year round. Happy dipping!

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