Anglesey Property Checklist

Your checklist for buying a property on Anglesey will be invaluable once you get going in your search.

Just imagine yourself driving along the many peaceful country lanes on the island in eager anticipation of locating your next dream home.
Before you even get out your checklist and property details you will need a good road map and preferably an OS map too. There are two types of OS Map.

You can take the Landranger series (Number 114) or the Explorer, of which there are two.

The island is split into two parts, Anglesey West (262) and Anglesey East (263).

Armed with these you can begin your search.

Property Viewing

You will want to give the agent the impression that you are seriously looking for an Anglesey property. Show enthusiasm and be ready to view within short notice if at all possible.

It also helps to keep in regular touch by telephone and e-mail. You are more likely to spring to mind when a new property hits their desk.

What to consider on your search for a new home.

  • Try to get to see the location as soon as you can. If you live away from the island perhaps you can come over for a weekend and try to see more than one potential home. If you delay someone else may get in first.
  • Consider taking a friendly builder, plumber or carpenter with you who can point out any potential problems and likely costs to repair.
  • If the building has been let it may pay to check out the history. Some landlords will have just taken the rent and not bothered with essential repairs.
  • If you find a newly fitted kitchen and bathroom and newly laid carpets yet the building itself looks badly maintained, you need to be cautious. There could be more hidden work.
  • If you have a young family, decide which one of you will be the main viewer if you cannot all attend. Their responsibility is to drop all but the most likely candidates for purchase.

When you have located your likely home

Other questions to tick off your checklist may include:

  • Is the building a leasehold or freehold?
  • What is the position of the garden? Do you want it to face south?
  • Is the garden enclosed or shared with an adjacent house?
  • How good is public transport? How far is the nearest railway station?
  • Is there a chain involved?
  • Has any building work been done on the property since present owners moved in?
  • What are the neighbours like? Is the area quiet or noisy?
  • Does the building have central heating and double glazing?
  • What is the main energy source: gas, electricity or a combination?
  • What is the council tax in the area?
  • Is there a parking space allocated to your home or a nearby garage?

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