Catch the Chester Holyhead Train, Rail Timetable to Holyhead

You may want to take the Chester Holyhead train if you are planning on visiting Anglesey or perhaps you need to get over to Dublin for your holiday in Ireland.

If you want catch one of the Holyhead ferries then taking a train for Chester is a convenient way to start your vacation experience.

No need to worry about queues along the A55 and the ferry port at Holyhead is next to the railway station.

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Below you will find the times for the Chester Holyhead train and for the return journeys from Holyhead to Chester.

While Arriva offers the service from Holyhead to Cardiff via Chester, Virgin runs the service to London Euston via Crewe.

The timetables will vary between weekdays and weekends when engineering works can affect the punctuality of the service and there may be last minute alterations with the use of coach serices for parts of the journey.

Also bear in mind that the timetable does change at least once every year and there can be other intervening factors which may mean the times are different to those shown below.

There are two rail operating companies running train services along the North Wales coast, namely Arriva Wales and Virgin Trains.

Chester to Holyhead train:

Note: 1) The service from Chester can be either an Arriva train (AW) from Cardiff or Crewe or a Virgin train (VT) from London Euston, Crewe or Stafford.

2) Some Arriva Wales trains stop at each of the Anglesey stations after Bangor, though at night you are usually asked at Bangor if you need the stop, otherwise the train just continues past the station.

These stops are at Llanfairpwll, Bodorgan, Ty Croes, Rhosneigr and Valley.

3) Almost all the trains stop at Flint, Prestatyn, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno Junction and Bangor.

The one exception is the AW 1907 from Chester, Mondays to Fridays, which does not stop at Prestatyn or Colwyn Bay.

Monday to Friday (to 12 December 2009):

Departing Chester: Arrive Holyhead Port:

0644 (VT) 0823
0826 (AW) 1005
0912 (VT/AW) 1119
1009 (VT/AW) 1210
1026 (AW) 1213
1109 (VT) 1250
1226 (AW) 1414 (Stops at Anglesey stations)
1312 (AW) 1511
1426 (AW) 1614 (stops across island)
1526 (AW) 1711
1626 (AW) 1819 (stops available across island)
1712 (AW) 1911
1809 (VT) 1955
1827 (AW) 2014 (stops across island)
1907 (AW) 2049
1910 (VT) 2056
2031 (AW) 2219 (stops across island)
2138 (AW) 2315
2256 (AW) 0055 (cross island stops option)


On Saturdays Virgin trains from Chester to Holyhead leave at the following times: (arrival time in brackets)

0643 (0823); 1112 (1256); 1510 (1651); 1610 (1751); 1809 (1955); 1910 (2056)

There are roughly the same number of Arriva Wales trains on Saturdays as during thw weekday, usually leaving Chester at 26 minutes past the hour every hour.


A very curtailed service for the Chester Holyhead train on Sundays:

Virgin Trains:

Leave Chester at the following times: (arrivals in brackets)

1100 (1243); 1914 (2102); 2016 (2202); 2117 (2259)

Arriva Trains Wales

The following trains leave Chester for Holyhead on Sundays: (arrival times in brackets)

1719 (1955); 1830 (2020); 2036 (2238) (the last train also stops across the island)

If you are going on from Holyhead to Dublin by ferry you will need to check the ferry sailing times to see which is the best train for your connection.

Please remember to tell the train guard if you want to stop at one of the small island stations.


Plusbus is a scheme which allows you to have unlimited bus travel at both or either the start and finish of your train journey.

With Plusbus you pay from as little as £2 a day extra on top of your ticket price. Please note while this is available at Bangor, the scheme doesn't operate at Holyhead.

There are taxis at Holyhead station to take you to your destination, whether it is a coastal holiday cottage or island hotel.

Meanwhile, you can also book a Holyhead car rental if you plan on touring the island during your stay, and prefer your own transport to seeing Anglesey by bus.

We hope that the above information about the Chester Holyhead train is helpful if you are planning on coming to Anglesey either for a vacation break or on your way to Ireland.

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