Island Family's Liverpool Roots

by Jean Kelly
(winsford cheshire)

Liverpool waterfront

Liverpool waterfront

If your readers want to research their family ancestry, they can do so by starting their search on records about Anglesey.

I discovered a lot more information by doing so then on any other ancestry sites, and at no cost.

It is true the local records are somewhat limited, but the key thing is that from these you can then move onto other family history web pages.

I do not think that without searching the local B.M.D. records, I would have found my Anglesey family.

What's more, from this first step I was able to trace my family, going back as far as Liverpool.

I am proud of my family roots here on Anglesey, and know of many other people who have family links between Liverpool and North Wales.

After all, they say that North Wales people built Liverpool.

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