If safe, why are nuclear power stations built in rural areas

by Will
(Anglesey - Ynys Mon)

I am pleased that Sir James Lovelock, eminent scientist, environmentalist and author of the Gaia theory, believes opposition to nuclear energy is based on irrational fear, fed by Holywood-style fiction, the Green lobby and the media.

He states such fears are unjustified, citing that nuclear energy, since inception in 1952, has the best safety record of all energy sources.

Sounds very reassuring but I am puzzled therefore why the generating companies spend so much money in building nuclear power stations so far away from the areas of demand.

If a power station similar to Wylfa on Anglesey provides sufficient power for the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, it seems sensible to me to build it somewhere in between the two cities.

This way they would reduce the considerable cost of power lines etc in getting the power to these two locations.

As safety is not an issue, am I missing something here?

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Comments for If safe, why are nuclear power stations built in rural areas

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Sep 24, 2012
Risk of new nuclear plants
by: Anonymous

Presumably it would therefore be prudent to build chemical plants, fuel storage centers ( centres), nuclear plants, etc. etc. away from where people live. Its a pity we do not have great areas of desert or wasteland, similar to those in the USA, where these installations could be built - then everyone would be happy.

Sep 24, 2012
Safety is relative
by: Anonymous

There are different degrees of safety. Stating that something is safe does not mean that the probability of an accident is zero. Therefore, it is prudent to build chemical plants, fuel storage centers, nuclear plants, etc. etc. in remote areas. Also, land is cheaper and real estate taxes are lower in remote areas.

Sep 24, 2012
no worries
by: Steve

there is nothing to fear. The nuclear industry has one of the safest records for energy production.

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