Hitachi Wylfa Jobs Boost

by David Phillips

Hitachi Wylfa Jobs Boost

Hitachi Wylfa Jobs Boost

Thousands of jobs could be created as Japanese electronics firm Hitachi wins the Horizon bid to build a new nuclear plant at Wylfa on Anglesey.

After a competitive bid for Horizon Nuclear Power, following the decision of the vendors, German energy giants RWE and E.ON to pull out of new build in Britain, Hitachi secured the prize for a fee of just under £700 million.

The potential is significant for Anglesey and the wider regional economy around 6,000 construction jobs will be created during the building phase, followed by around 1,000 posts when the plant is operating.

The announcement will be greeted by many companies which form part of the potential supply chain for the new power station at Wylfa.

The First Minister of the Welsh Government, Carwyn Jones said: "This is very good news for Wales and the UK." Mr Jones added that the benefits of new nuclear build on Anglesey would be "substantial - not just in creating thousands of highly skilled jobs and boosting the supply chain - but in helping to secure our energy supply in the future."

It is also understood that Rolls Royce and Babcock International are part of the winning consortium. The other bidder was a consortium between US firm Westinghouse Toshiba and China's Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

In taking over Horizon Hitachi will be looking to build up to 6 nuclear reactors (at 2 sites)in England and Wales, with the other site at Oldbury in Gloucestershire. This will be a real boost to addressing the concerns over security of energy supply in the UK.

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Oct 23, 2015
great comments
by: Shawna J. Leatherman

Hitachi wylfa is the great and historical electronics company. We are using its products since my childhood. Now I think this company will build new power station in Anglesey that will create new job vacancies for the technical cadre its good news.

Dec 04, 2012
But do they build them in Japan?
by: Anonymous

Politicians in London and Cardiff have welcomed the news that Hitachi are going to build the new power station in Anglesey.

They say that it is low carbon, secure and reliable and it will bring wealth to the area during construction.

All of which I am sure is true but the one adjective that seems to be missing from the report is "safe" and although Hitachi have constructed similar power stations in the "Far East", they have not been able to build one in Japan.

Why is that?

Nov 07, 2012
Waste Storage and Disposal
by: Anonymous

Just seen BBC News that problems at Sellafield in Cumbria on the storage of high and medium contaminated radio active waste now poses a significant risk to the local population. Sadly all those who are responsible do not live anywhere near the power station - mainly in London!!. As usual, I'm sure it will be reported that a similar situation cannot happen at Wylfa....

Oct 30, 2012
sounds great
by: sean gallimore

Sounds like great news but i dont expect to hear that many local contractors like myself to getting any work from it , also is there any plans to sort the bridge as traffics bad enough without another 6000 contractors using it , we shall see

Oct 30, 2012
Hitachi Bid
by: Anonymous

I'm a bit confused by the government statement that Hitachi have secured site with a "competitive" bid. Nobody seems to know what other bids (if any) were received so not sure what "competitive" means!

Oct 30, 2012
Great News
by: Anonymous

Great News but do we have 6000 construction workers available on Ynys Mon or will they come from outside Wales? I understand that most of the construction workers employed on the Olympic site came from outside the UK.

Oct 30, 2012
wylfa b here we go
by: Anonymous

just heard on the radio; great news!

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