Great Holiday, Lligwy Caravan Park

by George Woolley
(Timperley, Cheshire)

Anglesey Hawk Jet

Anglesey Hawk Jet

Hi, we have just had 17 lovely days at Rynys Caravan Park, near Lligwy on Anglesey.

And it was great the RAF Valley put on a fantastic show for us all. There were Chinook helicopters, Hercules transport planes,and the Red Arrows no less.

It was a wonderful show. The best place to be was Benllech Beach because they did a low drop from the Hercules.

All told this year we have had about 10 weeks and the island is a fantastic place, especially as we stay near Lligwy.

See you next year at the Pilot Boat perhaps.

George Woolley, Cheshire

Thanks for your contribution George. We are glad you enjoy the Anglesey and your stay near Lligwy.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the RAF display, including the Red Arrows.

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Feb 20, 2015
by: Briji

Wow the painting done on the Anglesey Hawk Jet is awesome. I went to air force show last week and I have seen a similar jet plane painted using some strange design. Such shows will make our day complete.

Oct 29, 2014
the best holiday
by: george woolley

Hi David well at last I have found my way in .
Owing to my health we have not had as many weeks on the island but we will be back in the spring it is still the best place to holiday and the pilot house still puts good grub on the table.We were there for 25 days ib july and it was fantastic .
regards for now .

Dec 04, 2013
Lligwy and Pilot Boat Inn
by: george woolley

Well the time has flown we are back home for the winter we have spent about 12 weeks on the island over the past year and miss it so much .Had some great food in the pilotboat pub good walks with the dog .We will be bach in the spring .regards george woolley

Mar 30, 2013

Well it is that time of the year and we are planning to get to Rynys about 3rd week in April,for about 3 weeks it is going to be fantastic to eat in the pilot boat house again .
And meet up with old mates on the caravan park
Greggs been very busy through the winter the park looks good .
Is there a new Tesco at Benllech?

Dec 04, 2012
angelsey holidays pilotboat

I am sat at home watching the wind and rain pelting down. cant` wait for the summer or spring so we can get back to lligwy and the caravan.

looking forward to sunday lunch at the pilotboat house.

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