Welsh Hospital Ghost in Lift

by Rhian Owen
(North Wales)

I've just read your story Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost Story. I honestly thought I was going insane until I read this!

I have spent 3 of the last 9 months in Ysbyty Gwynedd with gallstones and when my children came to visit we went for a walk to the canteen.

On the way back to the lift we saw an elderly man stood by the lifts and when lift no.3 opened he walked in.

Just as the door was closing my youngest daughter pressed the button and the door re-opened but there was nobody in the lift.

Even my 3 daughters just stood still staring into the empty lift. Very very spooky!!

Anybody else seen this man?

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Aug 18, 2016
by: Mererid

I went to visit my friend in enlli ward i think as i was walking past a dark room wich looked like a store room of some sort i saw a wedding woman looking figure on the corner of my eye?? Spooky

Jul 06, 2013
Parent's Room on Dewi Ward, Ysbyty Gwynedd
by: Julie Evans

My son was admitted to Dewi Ward a couple of days ago, and as such I frequently went to the Parent's Room to make a cuppa!
On Thursday morning, I must have gone to the parent's room to make a cuppa at least once an hour or so.
Anyway, on one occasion, I had just made myself a mug of tea, and sat down on the sofa to read a magazine. I was alone in the room, and so was quite stunned to hear the kettle switching on by itself. I heard the switch clicking on, and the red light illuminated above the switch. The kettle started boiling and switched itself off again.
A few minutes later, the kettle again switched on, boiled, and switched off again.
Shortly after, another parent came into the parents room, and was rocking her baby's pram in the doorway. I mentioned it to her about the 'spooky' kettle..........and, guess what.......the kettle again switched itself on, boiled, and switched itself off.
At least the fact that someone else also saw it, convinced me that I hadn't lost my marbles!!
Has this happened to anyone else whilst they were in the Parent's Room?

Jun 30, 2012
Ysbyty Gwynedd
by: Anonymous

Me and my husband went to the canteen for a coffee and the exact same thing happend to us when we went to the lifts!! I thought we were loosing the plot, so I googled it when we came home and saw your post. I hope I'll sleep tonight lol.

Nov 21, 2009
be careful
by: Sally

yes, it's creepy place at times, i was there visiting family in Tryfan ward and when we came down the stairs about 8 o'clock at night, the lights went out for a few seconds and flicked on/off and there was a terrible scream from behind a door; but it had no handle!!! so we just got out quick...

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