Canatxx LNG Safety Considerations

Canatxx has commissioned several studies to investigate the safety aspects of the development.

In particular, Advantica has undertaken one study to investigate the consequences of the largest accidental releases that could occur, irrespective of their likelihood.

This study showed that because of the good separation between the site and the surrounding population only the most severe of accidents could affect the population and even then only during specific weather conditions.

The proposed layout and mode of operation of the site incorporate features that add to the safety of the plant. For example, continuous vaporisation of the incoming LNG means that the need for LNG storage on site is reduced.

Further, the European Standard EN1473 for the design of onshore LNG facilities considers that the use of the particular type of storage tanks proposed in this project eliminates the chance of catastrophic tank failure.

The use of the offshore mooring point increases the separation between the ships and any populated area, meaning that only the most catastrophic of ship incidents would have any effect onshore.

The pipelines transferring the LNG on to the site are to be laid in ducted channels that reduce the potential for LNG pool spread in the unlikely event of a release.

One of the main benefits of performing safety studies at this time is that it ranks and identifies the major contributors to risk and allows attention to be focused on them before the installation is built.

Hence, Canatxx can take action to reduce the frequency or the consequences of the potentially hazardous events identified in the early stages of the project and therefore minimise any impact on workers or the surrounding population.

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