Canatxx LNG Should Watch Milford Haven Experience

by Helen Williams

With Canatxx LNG Limited looking to build an LNG regasification plant at Amlwch Port on Anglesey, they should look at the Milford Haven experience to see the potential pitfalls.

Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, South Wales will soon receive the first LNG shipments at specially constructed plants, and which will then be distributed into the UK national gas network.

LNG (or liquified natural gas) is a means of transporting natural gas over long distances by compressing the gas to around 1/600th of the original volume, at very low temperatures.

There has been significant investment in the port infrastructure at Milford Haven as well as in a cross country distribution pipeline connecting to the main grid.

The UK has now become a net importer of gas and it is vital that it secures new sources of LNG from diversified sources so as to boost energy security by reducing the risk arising from geopolitical volatility and to help fill the energy gap.

Two companies carrying out the development work at the port of Milford Haven are South Hook LNG and Dragon LNG, and their work has proved very controversial with certain local groups opposing the whole project.

The main grounds of their opposition are risks to health and safety of local inhabitants from shipping incidents in the sea lanes as well as LNG leakages on the delivery platforms.

The head of civil contingencies at Pembrokeshire Council, Richard Brown, wants local people to have an opportunity to discuss arrangements for emergency response planning.

Meanwhile, local campaign group Safe Haven believe the local council has not adequately considered the potential consequences of a major LNG spillage at the jetty or at the harbour approach.

And to put the whole operation into proper perspective, over 50 local firefighters have gone to Texas in the US to receive specialist training in coping with LNG incidents.

To make sure the lights don’t go out and people across Britain keep warm, let’s hope the LNG shipments to Milford Haven’s South Hook jetty go smoothly and the firefighters have a very quiet time indeed.

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Dec 10, 2009
LNG Safety
by: Paul

The LNG that is to be off loaded in Anglesey is I understand to be gassified immediatly so this will have no more impact on the area than any normal street gas pipe supplying the island already. Nobody should be alarmed by this plant and accept the potential temporary and long term employment it will bring.

Oct 29, 2009
Dangers of LNG
by: Tuxan

I comment having worked in the LNG industry for over 30 years - UK and abroad.

If I'm honest - most supermarket petrol filling stations are far more dangerous than LNG plants.

LNG doesn't burn and can't explode. It is regassified and put into the National Transmission System. The design codes and standards used in the LNG industry are well understood as are the hazards that need to be addressed. LNG plants are the safest hydrocarbon processing plants in the world.

LNG plants are operated by staff who are trained and have their competency rigorously assessed in accordance with the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive. Security as as high as any other such installation throughout Europe.

There has been LNG in Wales since 1983 and there has never been an incident - I know, in 1983 I commissioned the plant and in June 2009 I decommissioned it.

Nobody complains about gas in their homes or petrol in their garages - both of which regularly kill people.

Apr 01, 2009
Unsafe Installation of Flame Proof Equipment
by: Anonymous

For the last 20 months I have worked at LNG South Hook and am presently employed as COMPEX INSPECTION ELECTRICIAN.

During that period I have inspected SWA Glands leaded and unleaded. Due to foreign cable being imported into this country, swa glands supplied by hawke are unsuitable for these cables. I believe that hawk are not responsible for this action.

I have reported the problem to CB&I and AMEC but I feel my I am being ignored. My main conecern is the safety of people.


Mar 02, 2009
Benefits of LNG
by: Ted

Having previously lived on Anglesey I fully agree that there are significant benefits to the local economy from this potential development - and they are certainly needed.
As a point of information, LNG is not compressed to reduce it in volume 600x but rather natural gas, methane, is cooled to -162 degrees C at which point it changes state from a gas to a liquid, and in so doing reduces in volume 600x, which is what makes it economic to be transported long distances. It is conveyed at atmospheric pressure.

Jan 28, 2009
Island needs jobs
by: Jim

Any jobs that we can get at the moment are welcome and if the Canatxx gas company will offer 60 local people work, we should support it. Some people just say no to everything under the sun.....

i'm sure that they will not take risks with the LNG plant at Amlwch.

Jan 28, 2009
No LNG on Anglesey
by: T Huws

We don't want dangerous Lng gas plants near Amlwch. What good is well-trained firemen when the explosion would destroy council houses near the plant?

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