How I Build Sites

Build sites that grow and grow and help bring you long-term online success.

Learn how I got my site built and how I discovered a great web business partner.

Crucial in the ever changing online world. Now in VIDEO format - see below.

When on-line you can act local and reach global.

Every day we hear about this new technology or that great system that will dramatically change our on-line experience.

My Story

For someone who was never comfortable with computers and all the complex, high-tech jargon, I have tried to discover a good, straight-forward system.

I asked myself: “How can I build sites that are successful, and better than a site built by a techie person who lives, breathes and sleeps all this technology?

Is it possible for someone like me to become a web publisher who provides on-line information for people searching the web?

Well, you’ve discovered this site and I’m pleased that you’re reading this story. So how did I get here?

I had sat down and looked at all the ads online about how everything was so easy and golden opportunities were there if you get started. These companies said you could have your site up in hours! Any fancy graphics you wanted, you could have!

Well, at first this seemed fantastic but naturally I was sceptical about such amazingly colourful discoveries. I was looking for something different, something solid where I could put my own creativity and passion to work.

I looked for an ethical company which offered a solid system and could deliver solid results.

And for a supportive community of like-minded, serious and focused business people looking to achieve a successful business of their own.

Where was it possible to find such a company?

I thought I was demanding too much. But then a chance conversation over dinner with a family friend from Australia changed everything. Now I am so thankful to Mark who pointed me in the right direction for building my site.

Here is a video message from some colleagues who, like me, have discovered SBI. This great company gives each of us the tools and support framework to build a growing online business.

I am so pleased that I have placed my trust in SBI and the excellent supportive community of like-minded online business builders in the forums.

The best way is to build sites based on a niche you know about and have a passion for, this is the best way to become successful. So with plenty of energy and ideas about your chosen niche you’re on the right track to build sites that last.

Location, location, location

In the offline world we are told that if you want to say set up a coffee or tea shop you must choose a good location. That’s true.

On-line is different. Here the key is:

Traffic, traffic, traffic.

You can have the best, smartest site in the world, but unless you have visitors it’s like the coffee shop with no customers.

So, the successful philosophy is built on quality content, which leads to growing traffic, the lifeblood of your business.

I am pleased to see my traffic continues to grow month by month.

Here is another example:

Top 2% for traffic in the world

It’s no coincidence that two thirds of the sites built using the tried and tested formula of this web publishing company are in the top 3% of websites worldwide.

And many are in the top 1%.

And when you think there are over 60 million websites in the world, that’s a pretty good achievement.

Here is a huge "Thank You" to Ken for and Solo Build It for showing me the way!

Now here 's your chance to discover the best way to build sites for the long term.

Enough said. Go to SBI TV

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